With over 20 years' experience in construction and landscaping, Lee Burleigh can provide your groundwork, landscaping and building services in and around Rochdale, Manchester and the North West.

Lee Burleigh is your local tradesman providing a range of groundwork, landscaping and building services.

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Services include:


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The Customer's Dilemma.

The customer's dilemma

When choosing a builder, a customer has a serious decision to make. Many customers want their work to be of a high quality, completed quickly and at a lower price as possible (or good, fast and cheap). Unfortunately, it is not possible to have all three. If your builder does the job quickly and cheaply then the likelihood is that quality will suffer. Similarly, if you want a good job done cheaply, then it not likely to be quick.

We strive to provide a quality service using high-quality materials to a high standard of workmanship. We will endeavour to complete the work as quickly as possible to minimise the amount of disruption to your everyday life. Our price is reasonable and reflects the quality of the work we do. If you receive much cheaper quotes for your project then you must ask yourself why that is so.

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